Model 10 & 11

Model 11 is our newest model. It is fully completed and ready to be used for research.

Like its predecessor Model 10, it comes with miniature sensors with a sensitivity volume of only 0.00078 cm3, and the signal transport fibers are only 0.25 mm diameter and 20 m long, allowing us to place all electronics and metal parts outside the vault and magnetic fileds. It can also measure multiple shots and automatically determined he dose delivered by every single shot and by all the treatment...

.in adddition Model 10 can also measure (and plot in real time) the individual pulses delivered by the LINAC. It not only can count the number of pulses but it can also give you the exact dose delivered by every single pulse from the LINAC. Model 10 can do that because it takes and plots samples every 700 µs.

Model10 measuring and plotting in real time the pulses of a beam at a dose rate of 300 MU/min and then switching to a dose rate of 600 MU/min

Model 10 comes with an enhanced smart exchangeable cartridge. It makes super easy to exchange different phantoms or sensors set-ups with a single device. Each cartridge contains all the optics and stores all the information of the sensor and phantom in used. This way the software always knows what phantom, how many sensors and their posistions that is being in used at that moment.

This system is not CE marked or FDA approved yet as a Medical Device. This system is only for non-clinical research studies


Is our newest development.
It has the same features as model 9
We can measure signals, send to the software and plot only every 700 µs
A standard LINAC at its maximum dose rate emits a pulse every 2.8 ms.
It means that we can measure much faster than the LINACS emit pulses.
We can count the number of pulses delivered.
We can measure the dose delivered by every single pulse.
We can discard measurements where a pulse was not present. So we can easily clean background noise.
We can plot pulses in real time
And of course we can measure the total dose delivered by all the pulses during a treatment.
Ideal for the brand new Flash Radio Therapy.
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