Model 9.0

Model 9.0 is our current finished model

This system is not CE marked or FDA approved yet as a Medical Device. This system is only for non-clinical research studies

model -9
This model has 4 miniature sensors. However, our technology is designed to be easily scalable to many more sensors. No metal or electronic parts in the bunker. All is water equivalent
With the close collaboration of IMT. We have the possibility to build any 3D phantom with multiple sensors and no directional limitations

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The light signal from the scintillators is transported using plastic optical fibers of only 0.25 mm diameter and 20 meters long. This allows us to have all the electronic and metallic parts of the system outside the bunker.

The transport fiber optics are so thing that we can bundle up to 64 in a small cable of 3 mm diameter. Even a system with multiple sensors will never have a bulky set of optical fibers.

The Cherenkov effect (cable effect) is fully subtracted in real time using a second parallel fiber without a sensor.

Because we don’t have any electronic currents, circuits or metallic parts it the bunker, the measurements are not affected by the magnetic fields even while taking those measurements at the same time MR images are being taken.

The Dose Capture Unit (DCU) contains all the optical system and the electronics that convert the light signal in digital signal which sent to the software.

The DCU is always placed outside the bunker away from the radiation and magnetic fields.

The DCU has several digital controls which constantly monitor the voltages and the temperature of the system.

The DCU has an output port that can be connected to an oscilloscope to visualize in real time the pulses from the linear accelerator measured by the plastic scintillators.

All the DCU is designed and manufactured by Blue Physics.

The phantom or the set of sensors with the fiber optics are connected to the DCU through a removable cartridge.

It makes the system very modular. One single DCU at the clinic can be connected to different phantoms or set of sensors with different configurations.

The software is fully developed by Blue Physics. It reads the signals from the DCU in real time and it is able to plot the measurements from every sensor in real time and only every 70 ms. Users can visualize in real time the dose rate delivered by the linac at every sensor.

At the end of the treatment the software will calculate automatically the total dose delivered and the dose delivered in each individual shot deployed during the treatment.

All the measurements are saved in csv files that can be analyzed with external software’s or with our own software in a later day.

Very intuitive graphics user interface that can be used with a touch screen or tablet, which is always included with the system.
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