Our Technology

Blue Physics has developed a new TECHNOLOGY to measure radiation in a way that nobody has done before.Our technology is based in plastic scintillating sensors.Its principal application is for the QA of the cancer treatments with radiation.With our technology we are resolving the main challenges that Cancer Radiation clinics face these days to assure the quality of the modern radiation treatments they want to deliver to their cancer patients.

New technology - Dosimetry Systems based in plastic scintillating sensors for the QA of radio therapy cancer treatments.

Characteristics and highlights

Small Fields

Miniature plastic scintillating sensors, water equivalent. Ideal for small field dosimetry.

Plastic Scintillating Sensor
• Cylinder 1 mm diameter and 1 mm long
• Sensitivity volume 0.78 mm3
• Water equivalent
• Scalable to multiple sensors

All components equivalent to human body tissue) All materials in the radiation bunker/vault /room are equivalent to waterAll electronic parts or metals located outside the bunker/vault.

All electronics and metal parts are outside the bunker.

This allows us to measure radiation at the same time MR-Images are in progress during a new cancer treatment in a new MR-LINAC.

Plastic Fiber Optics to Transport Light Signal
• 0.25 mm diameter
• Up to 20 m long
• Bundle 64 fibers in 3mm cable

Real Time Measurements

We collect and graphically display the real time measurements of the accumulated charge from each channel every 300 µs.


We can measure the dose delivered by every single pulse from the LINAC. With our technology we can connect our Systems to a standard water tank and run all the measurements for a full commissioning of a LINAC in 2 hours rather than weeks.

• Ideal for Flash treatments
• Ideal for Proton Therapy

Multiple Sensors

Our technology is designed to easily escalate to have available different multiple sensors 3D arrangements.


Several cartridges with different sensors arrangements for different applications can easily be connected and dis-connected to a single acquisition unit.

The sensors/phantoms are connected to our electrometer thru our removable cartridges which allows you to easily connect and disconnect multiple bundles of sensors to accommodate QA applications

Inserts: plastic replica of PTW Semiflex

• Sensor encapsulated in a Plastic Replica of PTW 0.125 cm3 Semiflex Ion chamber

• To facilitate positioning of the sensor in solid water and in water tanks

• Compatible with PTW holders

• Water proof

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