Small Fields

Miniature plastic scintillating sensors, water equivalent. Ideal for small field dosimetry.

Plastic Scintillating Sensor​

Cylinder 1 mm diameter and 1 mm long​
Sensitivity volume 0.78 mm3​
Water equivalent​
Scalable to multiple sensors

All components equivalent to human body tissue) ​ All materials in the radiation bunker/vault /room are equivalent to water​ All electronic parts or metals located outside the bunker/vault

Blue Physics with the world opinion leaders of small field dosimetry​

Instituto Nacional de​ Neurologia y Neurocirugia​

Small Field Dosimetry: Measurements done in ERC Munich with Markus Alber on July 28th 2022

Small Field Dosimetry: Measurements done Geneis Care Madrid with a Cyber Knife on August 2022​

Spanish Association of Radio-Surgery 2022​


Elketa Apex mMLC​

No TRS 483 Correction Factors for small field dosimetry

Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena (Seville)
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