Blue Physics

Blue Physics is a start-up where we are developing a new technology for the QA of Radiation Therapy cancer treatments.

This disruptive technology is based in multiple plastic scintillator sensors, totally equivalent to human body tissue, without any electronic or metallic component in the radiation room, fully compatible with MR environments and capable to provide the dosimetry readings in real time.

Every day cancer treatments with radiation are becoming more and more complex, sophisticated and highly modulated. It is imperative to provide to our care givers the necessary quality assurance tools to confirm that they are correctly delivering the right amount of radiation to the tumor while avoiding damaging healthy tissue.

With our technology we are able to provide the most accurate representation of the radiation to be delivered to each patient even when treatments are done inside a high intensity and variable magnetic field, or even when treatments involve very small radiation beams such as those used in Radio-Surgery procedures.

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