Our Story

Blue Physics is a Startup founded in 2015 in Florida.
Our mission is to develop a new generation of Radiation Therapy Dosimetry Systems based in plastic scintillation sensors.
Our first inspiration was to find a solution for the end to end QA for the new MR Linacs treatements. However, we have now solutions based in this disruptive technology for many other different applications.
In Blue Physics we are able to develop all the components of the systems that complete the whole solution. This includes:

• All the hardware, including the Dose Capture Unity with the electrometer
• Optical System
• Mechanical Parts
• Software
• Simulation Tools

Since the foundation we have developed 10 different models and we have spent more than 560 hours of LINAC time at our Consortium Sites testing and characterizing our sensors and systems. We have build Blue Physics with our own founding we don’t have any venture capital behind this project.

Our founder & CEO

Master in Theoretical Physics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. More than 26 years of experience working in the Medical Device field at different companies. Last 17 years working in the Radiation Therapy world in multiple positions including Sales, Service, Release Management, International Sales Manager and Service Manager.

In 2015, I decided to stablish Blue Physics with the motivation to resolve the main challenges that medical physicist face these days to measure radiation for the QA of their MR-Linac or radio surgery treatments. We have been able to accomplish this by developing a new technology of dosimetry systems based in plastic scintillation sensors, and with the help of my partner and our consortium sites friends, I am very proud to be able to show to the world now a totally new way to measure radiation.

I really hope that making this disruptive technology available to all clinicians in the world it will help them to better treat their cancer patients.

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