Our Story

Blue Physics, founded in Florida in 2015, is dedicated to revolutionizing radiation therapy dosimetry systems through groundbreaking plastic scintillation sensor technology. We were initially motivated by the need for enhanced end-to-end quality assurance (QA) solutions within the emerging MR-Linac treatment space, and have since expanded our disruptive technology's applications.
Blue Physics offers a unique advantage with in-house development of all system components, providing a fully integrated solution. This includes:

  • Dose Capture Unit with electrometer

  • Optical System

  • Mechanical Parts

  • Software

  • Simulation Tools

Our relentless pursuit of innovation, meticulous LINAC testing, and strong collaboration with Consortium Sites culminate in the remarkable Model 11.
This model demonstrates our capabilities, measuring photons, protons, and FLASH applications, while excelling in Small Field dosimetry and UltraFast scanning.

Our founder & CEO

26+ years of experience in the medical device industry, including 17 years specializing in radiation therapy, I have held diverse roles in sales, service, release management, and international sales management. This extensive background motivated me to establish Blue Physics in 2015, addressing a critical need in radiation measurement for MR-Linac and radiosurgery treatments during quality assurance.

Our innovative plastic scintillation sensor dosimetry technology represents a breakthrough in radiation measurement. Collaborating with my partner and consortium sites, I'm thrilled to bring this disruptive solution to clinicians worldwide. This technology empowers clinicians to provide the most effective and precise cancer treatment possible, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

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