Research Articles

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3. S. Oolbekkink, et al. Influence of magnetic field on a novel scintillation dosimeter in a 1.5T MR-LINAC. Med Phys. (submitted April2023)

Posters and Conference Presentations

1. C. Ferrer, et al. Performance of anew Plastic Scintillator Sensor to measure output factors in a Elekta Unity MR-LINAC, SEFM, 2023.

2. Y.Watanabe, et al. Dynamic dose measurements of Gamma Knife ICO Nusing a new scintillation detector system, AAPM, 2020.

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4. S.Oolbekkink, et al. Performance characterization of the Blue Physics scintillator in the 1.5 T MR-LINAC, ESTRO,2023.

5. C.Ferrer, et al. Evaluation of a new plastic scintillator sensor for in-vivo dosimetry during the simultaneous delivery of radiation and magnetic resonance image capture in a Elekta Unity, SEFM, 2023.

6. C.Ferrer, et al. Characterization of a new Plastic Scintillator Detector with an MR-LINAC, SEFM, 2023.

7. C.Ferrer, et al. Preventive detection of linear accelerator failures using a detector with a high time resolution, SEFM, 2023.

8. S.Panzuela, et al. Characterization of the Elekta APEX micro-MLC using a Plastic Scintillator Sensor without correction factors for small fields, Sociedad Española de Radiocirugía, 2022.

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10. J. Sohn, et al. Characterizing of Cerenkov Effects on a New Plastic Scintillator in Photon and Electron, AAPM, 2023.

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12. P. Yadav, et al. Evaluation of a novel plastic scintillator sensor for Latency QA at 0.35T MR-LINAC, AAPM, 2023.

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14. M. Feijoo, et al. Characteristics of a New Plastic Scintillation Detector in Electron Beams, AAPM, 2023.

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