Small Fields

With Blue Physics you can start to plan and treat with the smallest fields you have available, with certainty and confidence.

Ultra Fast Scanning

Blue Physics can save time during linac commissioning and annual QA. Here are some of the ways in which Blue Physics can save time:

Faster data collection: Blue Physics' technology can collect dosimetry data much faster than traditional methods. This is because it uses multiple plastic scintillator sensors that can be scanned simultaneously.

Automated data analysis: Blue Physics' software can automatically analyze dosimetry data and identify any potential problems. This can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually analyzing data.

Remote monitoring: Blue Physics' technology can be used to remotely monitor linacs. This can help to identify potential problems early on, before they cause any patient harm.

Reduced need for calibration: Blue Physics' technology is very stable, so it does not need to be calibrated as often as traditional dosimetry methods. This can save time and money.


Blue Physics' technology can be used for FLASH dosimetry. FLASH therapy is a new type of radiation therapy that uses very high dose rates, typically in the range of 10-100 Gy/s. This is much higher than the dose rates used in conventional radiation therapy, which are typically in the range of 1-2 Gy/min.

The high dose rates in FLASH therapy create challenges for dosimetry. Traditional dosimetry methods, such as film dosimetry and ionization chambers, are not accurate at these high dose rates. Blue Physics' technology, on the other hand, is very accurate at high dose rates. This is because it uses plastic scintillator sensors, which are very sensitive to radiation.

MR-Linac Solution

Blue Physics' technology can be used for MRI-Linac dosimetry. MRI-Linac is a type of radiation therapy that uses a linear accelerator (LINAC) to deliver radiation therapy while the patient is inside an MRI scanner. This allows for real-time visualization of the tumor and surrounding tissue, which can help to improve the accuracy of radiation delivery.

Blue Physics' technology is compatible with MR environments, so it can be used to provide dosimetry readings in real time during MRI-Linac treatment. This is essential for quality assurance in MRI-Linac therapy, as it allows for the dose to be verified before, during, and after treatment. Blue Physics has been working with MRI-Linac researchers to develop a dosimetry solution for MRI-Linac therapy.

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